Totem Toons

I feel a burning desire to break the spell and to step out into the open to take a deep breath of the fresh salty fall air. As I feel the wind caressing my lungs, I hear Nebe’s “Totems Toons” uttering a faint, sardonic chuckle.

“Totem toons” consist of four video pieces, each connoting a different animal. Nebe uses analogue photographs of abandoned houses on empty street views. Cloud pictures, layered and set into motion are added to the composition. Pairing into doubles, the four pieces work on the theme of mirror stages, and the landscapes of the psyche. The compositional structure of the work leads towards a juxtaposition of alienated outer “corpora” and the bodily inside. As the “totems” emerge during the course of gazing through the polygenic frames, they function as utopian body phantoms and ciphers for tabooed spaces.

(Rebecca Schoensee, “Tunes Of Trauma”, Humanize Magazine, issue 9, p. 26-35), Humanize Magazine issue 9, february 2011

Totem Toons – Giraffe