The Opera serial

The OPERA series

Opera instigates big feelings in the spectator´s heart and audiovisual over-input in his mind by creating opulent images and emotional music. The OPERA series transforms the basic structure of music theatre into cinematography by composing visual impact accompanied by enchanting and breath-taking musical compositions.

The film footage has been recorded in the US and Europe and altered during post production process.


All elements of the images- might they make more or less associations to objects, landscape, animals, flowers etc. recognizable in the highly abstracted patterns or not- are compose in relation to the underlaying musical score like steps in a dance.

The footage is taken in different US states shown different parts of the country referring to what Hollywood cinema has told us about how to experience the american way of life and the US lifestyle. Like cinematic language of Hollywood and the importance of motion in american society the film is all about movement and dance.

The Supreme Superpower American Opera

articles + radio interview:
Interview with Joas Nebe on his OPERA serial conducted by curators JOSH RYDER and BARBARA SCOTT, ARTiculAction Contemporary Art Review, anniversary edition, may 2016, link
Interview with Joas Nebe on YALE UNIVERSITY RADIO WYBCX, hosted by BRAINARD CAREY, 20th october 2015, link




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